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Baby, toddler and preschooler are the main groups in a nursery. Early Years Education Helper is to provide learning activities for the children at home and in the nursery with parents and teachers. We focus on overall development of the main groups of children aged between 1-6 years . 


The Physical development has two major parts; 
1 Gross Motor Development    2 Fine Motor Development

Gross Motor Development refers to large body movements such as jumping, skipping, running, hopping etc.


Fine Motor Development refers to small movements which mainly uses fingers and hand movements such as threading, picking, using pencils and scissors, playing with Lego etc.


During the first years of the life, children grow rapidly and adults must ensure that children reach their milestones well and should offer children suitable activities for a healthy physical development. In this section, you will be able to find many different nursery activities which enhance the gross and fine motor development of your child.


Nursery activity mathematical development

Children has inborn ability to learn mathematical concepts from early years of life children experience and learn mathematical concepts through day today activities.

Parents can offer mathematical learning opportunities throughout the day during their daily routines. For example: parents can do counting while washing baby head, display shapes on the wall and talk about them, singing numbers songs, simple counting games like counting baby’s fingers and tickle the palm, compare the different sizes while play such as saying big teddy- small teddy, tall tower – short tower, making groups using toys and talk about same and different, reading stories which includes numbers etc.

There are many activities parents and early childhood professional can do in order to support the development of children. On this website parents and early childhood professionals can find variety of play and learning nursery  activities and also the mathematics worksheets which can be done with early years children.


The cognitive development is crucial part of child development. From birth, babies are observing and collecting the information around them and learning new things which enhance their mental development.

It is important to provide a rich learning environment for children from their early age in order to enhance the cognitive development in children. In early stages of life parents play a major role in enhancing the cognitive development in young children.

Parents must support children for their cognitive development by encourage children to improve their mental skills. For example: if the baby is showing an interest of colourful toy, parent can take it closer to the baby and talk about it and help the baby to learn about the object.

When the young children develop their language skills they start questioning about what they see. It is parents’ responsibility to respond them well which helps to enhance their cognitive development. Also, parents and early childhood educators must provide learning opportunities for the development of mental skills. There are many nursery activities you can offer children to develop their cognitive skills and this website will help you with some ideas, activities and worksheets.


During the first years of life, child develops rapidly and social and emotional development is major part of child development. Children gradually understand about who they are, how to form positive relationships, how they must interact with others, how they feel about things around them and how they should express their emotions.

Adults must offer them a positive environment for them to feel loved and secured and maintain a good relationship with child. Also, child should be offered positive environment for them to develop their emotions and to improve social skills. Through our website you can learn how you must interact with the child and the nursery  activities you can offer to the child for social and emotional development.


nursery activity language development

Even the fetus getting sensitive to the sounds around 18 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, doctors advice mothers to sing and talk to the fetus. After the baby is born, parents know that it is important to talk and play with baby, sing to the baby, shake rattles to the baby, read to the baby and play music to the baby.

Language rich environment will help the baby to develop language skills. With child’s growth parents and teachers must offer stimulating environment with variety of nursery activities to enhance language development of the child. On this website, you will be able to find many different activities which can be done to improve the language of children.


Sensory development includes mainly sight, hear, touch, smell and taste. From birth to early childhood children use their senses to explore he world around them. It is important to provide children wide variety of nursery activities to use their senses and explore the world around them. There are variety of sensory play activities children can do to stimulate their senses while having hours of fun.

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