About the Author

Early Childhood Education Helper is developed by Yurangi, an early childhood teacher with 14 years of experience in Sri Lanka and United Kingdom. She has completed EYFS (UK curriculum), Te-Whariki (New Zealand Curriculum) and AMI Montessori qualifications which cover Birth to 8 years age groups. Further she has worked in United Kingdom and at the moment she is working in a leading school in Sri Lanka. The main intention of this site is to share her knowledge and experience with parents and teachers who are looking for ideas for teaching their children. As a mother of a toddler and preschool aged child and also as an early childhood teacher, she always tries to teach children and occupy them with play based learning and interactive activities which help children for their overall development. Your comments and feedback are warmly welcome. Any queries regarding the subjects can be made through Live Chat or Email. Email: info@earlyyearseducationhelper.com

About the Web

This may be a good place to find practical things for your child in order to do home work. Further, www.earlyyearseducationhelper.com is to provide learning activities for the children at home and in the nursery with parents and teachers. We focus on overall development of babies, toddlers and pre-school age children. In other words, the guidence and activities are focused on Physical, Mathematical, Cognitive, Social & Emotional, Language, Sensory developments of a child.