Infant Stimulation Flash Cards

  • During the first months, babies still developing their eye sight and at the 1st month baby can see only about 30cm in front of them.

  • Also, babies can see bright and contrast colours well at this stage. They develop their senses rapidly at this age and it is important to provide stimulating environment around them in order to support their development.                 
  • Therefore, it is important to display black and white pictures and toys around the baby in order to stimulate their eye sight and also for cognitive development. When the baby is engaged with these contrast colours and patterns, it helps for their learning and focus.
  • There are some different ways you can use the black and white images with infants.
  • If you laminate the pictures make sure you trim the sharp edges.
  • You can hang the pictures near the baby crib, changing table or anywhere the baby spend time and make a picture gallery near the baby.
  • It is important to hand them closer to baby’s eye level so that the baby can see the pictures well.

  • Another way is to make a cot mobile using the pictures. Use an embroidery hoop and tie the pictures using a thread or ribbon and hand it above the cot. Pictures must be turned to baby’s side, so that baby can see the pictures well.
  • Parent can change the pictures to make the baby more engaging with the different patterns.
  • Even though the baby is small, parent can talk with the baby about the pictures and name them.
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Hidden Toy Game

Materials needed:

  • few clothes,
  • A small toy


How to do: Let the baby interact with the toy for a little. Then cover the toy under a cloth and ask, “Where is your toy gone? Encourage your baby to find it. If the baby cannot find, you can partly cover the toy or if the baby find the toy easily you can cover it under another cloth and encourage the baby to find the toy.


Learning outcome:

To increase cognitive development, improve social awareness, develop the concept of object permanent, learn to play peek a boo and other game.

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Cling-Film Art

Materials Needed

  • Flat surface – side of a cardboard box or a wooden board
  • Cling-film
  • Squeezy bottles of paint, variety of colours


Description of activity

Cover the flat surface with a layer of cling-film by pulling it tight and wrap around the surface.

Squeeze paints on to the cling film, use different colours.

Cover the paint with another layer of cling-film and wrap well.

Babies can then explore the paint by rubbing, patting, and touching the cling-film using their hands and watching how paints mix together without any mess.

Cling Film Art

Extensions for the activity

Baby can be offered other resources such as animals, spoons, spatulas that they can use to rub and make marks on the surface.

Learning outcome

Sensory development.

Hand eye coordination


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