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The Mini Manners Book is best suited for the children who are in preschool age. This book is prepared by the Early Years Education Helper. Contents, procedure and learning outcomes have been mentioned in the description.


My Mini Manners Book is a great addition to your child’s book corner. You may refer following contents to see what have been included in the booklet.


  • I can say “please” and “thank you”
  • I can say “excuse me”
  • I share with others
  • I say “hello”
  • I wait for my turn
  • I can play nicely together
  • I can say “sorry”
  • I can keep my hands to myself
  • I help others

How to do it?

  • Get the printout.
  • Let the child to colour the pictures.
  • Cut the paper through the dotted lines.
  • You can paste the papers on colourful cards with your child and staple them together to make the little booklet.
  • during the reading time you can get this booklet and read it to the child.

Learning Outcome:

  • Your child will love to go through the book and learn good manners as it is a book he/she made by him/her self.
  • This activity helps to build up the vocabulary, social skills and self-confidence.

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